Hays Machine Works Bike Of The Month - Neal Riddle

Neal Riddle isnt your typical 18 year old,When he isnt working with the families Lawn Care business his main passion is streetbikes.

Not your ordinary run of the mill off the showroom floor streetbikes,but 200 mile an hour 1/4 mile 650 horsepower Pro street bikes,as a matter of fact the entire family's passon is Pro Street Motorcycle Racing.

Neals stepfather Dave Martin is always working to keep the bike ready for raceday and his mother is always there for support and to make sure he's safe,and his grandfather is there to help them in between rounds.

Neal is the rider of the Pro Street Bike # 29,he started racing street bikes at 14 year old,his accomplishments include 2 time runner up in the quick 8 class and his best pass to date was achieved last weekend 7.60@190 during the Mirock Series Maryland International Raceway in the Pro Street Class where the weather was cold and rainy to say the least. Lokk for some big numbers from this kid coming soon! -




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