Introducing the Quick -Lok system, a convenient solution for maintaining your clutch quickly and easily with no downtime.

The Quick-Lok system allows the user to replace and maintain the hardened steel buttons in there pressure plate quickly and easily at there convience.

Advantages of the field replaceable Quick-Lok system include.....
  • No Downtime having to send in your clutch for service
  • Fraction of the cost
  • Only pay shipping one way great for overseas customers
  • Greater accuracy for parralellism
  • Proprietary locking system offers secure mounting
  • Eliminates location and parrelall tolerances on previous designs
  • The Quick -Lok system is available for all major clutch systems for motorcycle applications currently on the market, MTC,Rock,MRE,RPM and many more including everything from single stage lockups to sliders and even engine driven clutch kits other manufactures clutch kits will require the customer to send in the pressure plate one time so we can modify your components to accept the Quick-Lok system after that the end user can perform all neccessary replacement and maintenance on the pressure plate buttons at there location and convenience.

    The Quick-Lok system comes with 01 Tool Steel buttons hardened to 60Rc and a propriatary tool that will mount on a customer supplied ratchet,or open end wrench for removal and reinstallation.

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