Haybusa Convertable Clutch Installation

Rodney Williford 204.11 pass MIR 2010 Hays Machine Works has waited for over a year to pay the $10,000 prize money for the first 6 second pass in Pro-Street. The time came and the money went! October 1st Ryan Schnitz blasted the record at Maryland International Raceway and became the first to run in the 6's with his 6.90 blast down the track. Ceicl Towner had been focused on this goal and used the Hays Machine Convertable clutch to get him over the hump. Cecil was quoted as saying "we didn't put the clutch in for the ten grand..", but we were glad to pay it to him. If we had it to do all over we would make the prize 20 grand! We would like to formally congratulate Cecil Towner of HTP & Ryan Schnitz for teaming up with Hays Machine Works to create the most historic pass in motorcycle dragracing history. This acolade was not Hays Machine's first and certainly won't be our last, but we will embrace our role in the history books and will be looking for the next obstacle that they say can't be done.

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